SPONSOR: Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

PURPOSE: To support for postdoctoral research, a small number of

Dissertation Fellowships are awarded each year to individuals who

will complete the writing of the dissertation within the award year.

DEADLINE: February 1

SUMMARY: These fellowships of $10,000 each are designed to contribute

to the support of the doctoral candidate to enable him or her to

complete the thesis in a timely manner. Applications are evaluated in

comparison with each other and not in competition with the postdoctoral

research proposals. Applicants may be citizens of any country and

studying at colleges or universities in any country.

Highest priority is given to research that can increase understanding

and amelioration of urgent problems of violence, aggression, and

dominance in the modern world. Particular questions that interest the

foundation concern violence, aggression, and dominance in relation to

social change, the socialization of children, intergroup conflict,

drug trafficking and use, family relationships, and investigations of

the control of aggression and violence. Research with no useful

relevance to understanding and attempting to cope with problems of

human violence and aggression will not be supported, nor will proposals

to investigate urgent social problems where the foundation cannot be

assured that useful, sound research can be done. Priority will also be

given to areas and methodologies not receiving adequate attention and

support from other funding sources.


Applications for Dissertation Fellowships must be received by February

1 for a decision in June. Applications are reviewed during the spring

term and final decisions are made by the Board of Directors at its

meeting in June. Applicants will be informed promptly by letter of the

Board's decision. Awards ordinarily commence on September 1, but other

starting dates (after July 1) may be requested if the nature of the

project makes this appropriate.


A recipient of a Dissertation Fellowship may be liable for income taxes

on funds awarded, depending on whether the funds are used to pay

tuition and certain other related expenses, the amount of the

recipient's other income, the law of the recipient's domicile, and

other factors. The foundation will not provide advice on tax matters.

Applicants should consult their own tax advisors to determine the tax

consequences to them of receiving a Dissertation Fellowship.

Final Report

A final report to the foundation is mandatory. Recipients of

Dissertation Fellowships must submit a copy of the dissertation,

approved and accepted by the home university or college, within six

months after the end of the award year. Any other papers, books,

articles, or other publications based on the research should also be

sent to the foundation.

Application Procedure

Submit six copies of a typewritten application in English to The Harry

Frank Guggenheim Foundation, 527 Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022-

4304. The deadline for receipt by the foundation is February 1 each

year, for support to begin September 1 of that calendar year.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. Applications may not

be submitted by fax. Attend to the following items, and collate among

the six copies (also see memo to Dissertation Fellowship applicants):

(A) Title Page 

    The form is available from the foundation. (It also may be

    photocopied or imitated on a computer.) The form must be signed by

    the student and by the dissertation advisor. 

(B) Abstract 

    This form, available from the foundation, is for an abstract

    describing the dissertation research in plain English and a

    statement specifying its relevance to human dominance, aggression, or

    violence. Do not exceed the space allotted. The abstract and statement

    of relevance should be self-contained and sufficient to serve as a

    succinct and accurate description of the application. The name of the

    applicant should appear on the upper right corner of the abstract and

    on all succeeding pages. 

(C) Advisor's Letter 

    Include a letter from the dissertation advisor evaluating the

    significance of the research and affirming that all requirements for

    the Ph.D. excepting the dissertation will have been satisfactorily

    completed at the commencement of the award and that preparation for

    the dissertation is such that it will be completed within the academic

    year for which the Dissertation Fellowship is requested. Please also

    attach a copy of the advisor's C.V. 

(D) Applicant's Background 

    Include applicant's curriculum vitae and a list of any relevant

    publications. One copy of a transcript detailing the applicant's

    career in graduate school should be sent by the school directly to

    the foundation. 

(E) Research Plan 

    Include the specific aims of the research and discuss the background

    and significance of the work. Describe the methods and procedures of

    the research undertaken and the means by which the results will be

    analyzed and interpreted. Be concise, but give sufficient detail for

    a proper evaluation. 

(F) Protection of Subjects 

    Discuss what steps have been taken to protect the rights and welfare

    of any human subjects involved in the research. If non-human animals

    are involved in the project, discuss how the animals are protected

    from unnecessary discomfort, pain, and injury. 

(G) Other Support 

    Describe facilities and resources already available for the

    proposed research. An H. F. Guggenheim Foundation Dissertation

    Fellowship may be accepted in conjunction with other awards,

    fellowships, or employment. List the title, source, dollar amount,

    period of time for funding expected or being sought from other sources

    during the period of the Fellowship, and the expected notification

    dates. If no other applications have been or will be submitted, please

    so state.

Supplementary supporting material is not necessary but may be

submitted. However, the foundation cannot be responsible for the return

of such material.


Research Priorities


The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

527 Madison Avenue

New York, N.Y. 10022-4304

Website: http://www.hfg.org/html.pages/dissert.htm


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