President Hails Athletic Heroes, Describes Achievements as being the

President Hails Athletic Heroes, Describes Achievements as being the Result of Firm Commitment and Sense of Patriotism


Addis Ababa, Oct. 1 (WIC) - Ethiopian President, Negasso Gidada hailed the unprecedented victory of the Ethiopian Athletics squad in the Sydney Olympics as an achievement reflective of the team's firm commitment and great sense of patriotism.


Speaking immediately after Ethiopian's Gezahegn Aberra clinched the gold medal and compatriot Tesfaye Tola took the bronze in the gruelling marathon race in Sydney, Negasso said the aggregate victory registered by the Ethiopian squad during the Sydney Olympics was a confirmation of the fact that nothing is impossible given the will and determination to win.


Negasso  said he had watched with great sense of pride and satisfaction all the feats performed and victories achieved by the country's athletes throughout the competitions,  and believed that the monumental achievements in the sporting arena would serve as a source of motivation in "our fight to prevail over hunger and poverty in our country".


The president seized the opportunity to reaffirm the government's continued all round support to the athletes in recognition of their heroic sporting feat and achievements.


With a total of eight medals comprising four golds a silver and three bronze, Ethiopia occupied a prominent 20th position in the overall medals standing leading the African group of nations in the tournament followed by Kenya in the 29th position.