Harvard Tops Latest 'U

Harvard Tops Latest 'U.S. News' Graduate-School Rankings




Harvard University's business, education, and medical schools are ranked No. 1 in their categories in U.S. News & World Report's annual guide to graduate schools, which will hit bookstores Monday. Stanford University's business school shares top honors with Harvard's.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology ranks first among engineering schools, and Yale University has the top-ranked law school.


The U.S. News rankings are often criticized for being unfair and superficial, but they are closely watched by educators. And institutions that do well use them as a recruiting tool.


 This year's top rankings show little change from last year's. The No. 1 education, engineering, law, and medical schools remain unchanged. Last year, Stanford alone ranked first among business schools, while Harvard dropped to second place after tying                     with Stanford for No. 1 the year before.


Harvard played down its standing in the guide. "The university has never really commented on these rankings," said Rebecca Rollins, a Harvard spokeswoman.


Stanford was ranked No. 2 in engineering, law, and education. Johns Hopkins was ranked No. 2 among medical schools. The University of Pennsylvania was ranked No. 3 among business and medical schools. Harvard was ranked No. 3 among law schools.


The April 10 issue of U.S. News, which hits newsstands Monday, contains select rankings. The guidebook, with all the rankings and other features, goes on sale the same day.