Project Likely to Engage in HIV

Project Likely to Engage in HIV

Vaccine Research Programme


ADDIS ABABA, March 21 (WIC) The Ethio-Netherlands AIDS Research Project (ENARP) said Ethiopia, with a mature HIV-1 subtype C epidemic, may potentially engage in an HIV-1 vaccine research programme in the near future.


In a paper it presented recently to a workshop, the project said studies carried out by ENARP, launched in 1994 as a

bilateral project between the governments of Ethiopia and the Netherlands, and others have confirmed the severity of

the HIV epidemic in Ethiopia.


The HIV/AIDS reference laboratory, well established in Addis Ababa, is expected to serve, in the near future, not

only Ethiopia, but also other countries in eastern Africa, according to the paper.


It said ENARP has already contributed to the establishment of a qualified workforce of Ethiopian scientists and



The paper said of the 1,430 individuals enrolled so far 11.7 and 7 per cent were HIV infected in Akaki and Wonji towns,



New cohorts of populations, such as sex workers and truck drivers, with higher risk exposure to HIV could be started

for phase three trials.