I.D Cards Issued To 102 Foreign Nationals Of Ethiopian Origin

 I.D Cards Issued To 102 Foreign Nationals Of Ethiopian Origin



   Addis Ababa, July 6, 2002 (WIC)- The Immigration and Nationality Affair Department

   disclosed that it has to date issued 102 ID cards to foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin.


   The Department told Walta yesterday that of the 102 ID recipients more than a third are from

   the United States of America and Canada.


   He further said that more than 5,000 ID cards have been dispatched to the Ethiopian

   Embassies all over the world so that they can issue them to foreign nationals of Ethiopian

   origin residing overseas, the Department noted.


   The Department anticipates that Ethiopian missions particularly those in Israel, Canada and

   Sweden will issue many of the ID cards made available to them given the relatively high

   population of Ethiopians in those countries.


   The embassies are also reported to be organizing forums for the purpose of orienting

   recipients about the relevant documents they are required to produce, to qualify for receiving

   the ID cards, it was learnt.


   In this connection, he said the recipients are required to produce birth certificates, passports

   of the host country and relevant legal documents as testimonials that they are Ethiopian by

   origin, it added.


   The recent proclamation entitles holders of the ID cards with the right to invest in Ethiopia

   without residence and work permits.


   They will also be able to own and operate movable and immovable properties and invest in

   any sector reserved only for Ethiopians.