Society Organizes Fund Raising Event For New I

Society Organizes Fund Raising Event For New I.E.S project Eyes

At Soliciting US$ 5 Million


   Addis Ababa, October 27, 2001 (WIC) - Society of Friends of the Institute of Ethiopian

   Studies (SOFIES)  organized a fund raising campaign yesterday for the realization of the New

   Institute of Ethiopian studies (I.E.S) project.


   At a gala night ceremony held yesterday at Hilton Hotel, Executive member of fund raising

   committee, Dr. Richard Pankhrust told WIC that the construction of the new library would

   enable to display thousands of books and hundreds of thousands of newspapers and other

   periodicals, which he said, weighs heavily on frail building originally designed for receptions of



   He said the library and the museum were compelled to display only a fraction of its current

   holdings, which include ethnological items, musical instruments, religious and secular paintings,

   coins and currencies, among others.


   He said the new building, which will be erected to the east of the present Ras Mekonnen

   building, would be in conformity with the design of the  former palace.


   Dr. Pankhurst said the new library would also be equipped with all the most modern computer

   and audiovisual equipment and facilities.


   He said the university had already designated land free of lease for the project, which will

   cost US$ five million.


   He also said Societies of Friends of the Institute in the U.S. and Britain, were actively involved

   in fund raising for the new project.


   Members of SOFIES, business community, as well as diplomatic corps and other interested

   personalities were in attendance at the fund raising event.