(Ministry Warns Ethiopians of Illegal Correspondence Schools

(WIC) Ministry Warns Ethiopians of Illegal



ADDIS ABABA, Feb. 5 (ENA) The Ministry of education disclosed that some foreign colleges were detected making money like hot cakes out of education seekers in Ethiopia by offering unrecognized and below the-standard correspondence.


It said some unrecognized foreign colleges were taking advantage of the unsatisfied need of higher education in Ethiopia. They were deceiving Ethiopians and drawing fat sums from their pockets through 4 to 6 month correspondences to offer the fake diplomas.


Secretary of the pertinent national committee with the ministry, Dr. Adefris Belachew told ENA on Thursday that these overseas private colleges advertise themselves and their programmes in a much more exaggerated manner than what they actually are.


He warned education seekers in the country to keep themselves away from the deceitful colleges and to probe well into the college with which they are going to correspond before they make payments.