Bureau Says Successful in the Provision of Informal Education

Bureau Says Successful in the Provision of Informal Education


   Addis Ababa, July 17, 2001 (WIC)- The Education Bureau of Oromia State said significant

   achievements were registered in efforts exerted towards enabling the State's children and

   adults benefit from informal education.


   Informal Education Department Head with the Bureau, Kibre Jemera, told WIC today that a

   total of 1,195,000 children and adults have undergone the informal education offered over the

   past four years.


   Some 258 basic education stations were offering the education to the children and adults

   following the setting up of a department and the preparation of a curriculum for the provision

   of informal education in the state, Kibre said.


   He also said that text books of Oromiffa, English, Mathematics and Geography were prepared

   and distributed to teachers and students.


   According to him, the preparation's and distribution of the text books were undertaken in

   collaboration with non-governmental organizations and civic institutions.


   Kibre noted that some 52 libraries were also opened for the children and adults to help them

   develop the knowledge they have acquired at the educational posts.


   A number of non-governmental organizations operating in the State were contributing

   significantly to the endeavour by building basic education stations, publishing text books and

   paying teachers salaries, he said adding that Action-Aid had in this regard allotted 5.5 million

   birr to help execute the informal education programme.