Islamic Council to Undertake 1

Islamic Council to Undertake 1.2 Million Birr HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care Project


ADDIS ABABA, July 26 (ENA) The Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC) said it would undertake HIV/AIDS prevention and care project with an outlay of over 1.2 million Birr in selected areas of the country.


According to a report presented to a two-day national workshop on AIDS prevention and counseling service opened here yesterday, the project would be undertaken in the Oromia and Harari state as well as in Dire Dawa Administration Council.


The report said the project areas were selected on the basis of the size of higher Muslim population and prevalence of HIV/AIDS cases, among others.


Spiritual leaders and community elders will be trained on ways of sensitizing the public about the disease and its prevention, and offering counseling services to persons living with HIV/AIDS.


Opening the workshop Council Chairman Sheik Abdulrahman Hussein urged the Muslim community to strictly adhere to the "sacred commandments of the Holy Koran to contain the spread of the disease."


He said six study papers that were believed to raise the awareness of the participants about the spread HIV/AIDS and prevention would be presented to the workshop.


Pathfinder, a US based humanitarian organization, would cover the lion's share of the financial cost of the project, Sheik Abdurahman said.


Some 50 participants drawn from the project areas and the Council are attending the workshop organized by EIASC.