Japanese Friendship Association Starts Scholarship

Japanese Friendship Association Starts Scholarship


Addis Ababa, February 8 (WIC)- The Ethiopian Association of Japan, which was established thirty years ago by prominent Japanese professionals, is launching a scholarship fund for Ethiopian university students studying within the country.


A press release issued by the Japanese Embassy here said that the scholarship, which will commence this academic year, targets undergraduate students who have an outstanding academic performance, but are facing severe hardship and are in need of financial assistance to be able to continue their studies.


Each winners of the scholarship will be granted 3,600 birr, for a duration of two years, the release said.


Initially, the Scholarship will be awarded to eleven students from Addis Ababa University.  However, the Association is planning to increase the number of Scholarships in the near future and to expand the scope of the Fund to include the other Universities in Ethiopia.


The Embassy expressed hope that this initiative of the Ethiopian Association of Japan will help further strengthen the friendship between Ethiopia and Japan.