Kenya's Universities Reject Call to Admit More Students

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Kenya's Universities Reject Call to Admit More Students




Nairobi, Kenya


Kenya's universities are rejecting government proposals that they admit more students, saying that they do not have the capacity to educate the 22,000 students who were turned away this year even though they had passed the entrance examinations.


The joint admissions board of the six public universities selected 8,899 first-year students, representing 29 percent of the

30,666 candidates who had attained the minimum score on the examination.


Daniel arap Moi, Kenya's president, has called for the universities to double enrollment to admit most of the qualified students immediately. In a recent speech at Maseno University, Mr. Moi said, "If universities continue to delay university admissions, crime among the youth will rise."


University officials said that they could not admit more students with out more lecture rooms, dormitories, and library materials.

Educators noted that, in the past, when enrollment has increased without an increase in support for the universities, students have held protests -- some of them violent -- about inadequate programs.


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