Trains 9920/IT0001

TITLE: Call for proposals for indirect RTD actions under the specific

programme for research, technological development and demonstration on

"Energy, environment and sustainable development (1998-2002)" (Part A:

Environment and sustainable development)  - Key Action 1 "Sustainable

Management and Quality of Water"

Call identifier: EESD-ENV-99-2.Call


Proposals called by a fixed deadline (Shared-Cost Actions, Thematic

Networks and Concerted Actions)

Deadline: 15 February 2000

Key Action 1 "Sustainable Management and Quality of Water"

1.1	Integrated management and sustainable use of water resources at

catchment scale

	1.1.1	Strategic planning and integrated management

methodologies and tools at catchment scale

1.1.2	Socio-economic aspects of sustainable use of water

1.1.3	Operational management schemes and decision support systems

1.3	    Treatment and purification technologies

1.3.1	Management of water in the city

1.3.2	Waste water treatment and re-use

1.5	    Surveillance, early warning and communication systems

1.5.1	Pollution surveillance and control

1.5.2	Improved flood and drought forecasting

1.6	    Regulation of stocks and technologies for arid and semi-arid

        regions and generally water-deficient regions

1.6.1	Water resources use and management

1.6.2	Prevention and mitigation of saline water intrusion

1.6.3	Technological development and management tools

Additional supporting documents for each of the topics covered by the

call are available on the internet at:

The deadline for submission of proposals is 15 February 2000.

REFERENCE: European Commission

Gisela Nairn


Koordinierungsstelle EG

der Wissenschaftsorganisationen

Rue du Trône 98

B - 1050 Brüssel

Tel. +32-2-5480214

Fax: + 32-2-5027533



Keycode Keyword

A110000 All International Announcements

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0112000 International

1007008 Water Pollution

0606047 Water Resources, Management & Planning

0606048 Water Supply

0606049 Water Treatment

0606045 Waste Water Treatment

0606046 Water Resources Engineering

1007010 Water Resources, Environmental Impacts

1225010 Pollution Control

0606089 Flood Forecasting & Control

060600A All Civil Engineering

0411004 Regional Planning & Policy

1230015 Ecology, Aquatic

1400040 Environmental Monitoring

1400200 Natural Resources, Use of

1400300 Environmental Hazards, Forecasting

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