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Call identifier: EESD-ENV-99-2.Call

TITLE: Call for  proposals for indirect RTD actions under the specific

programme for research, technological development and demonstration on

"Energy, environment and sustainable development (1998-2002)" (Part A:

Environment and sustainable development)  - Key Action 4 "City of

Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage"


Key Action 4 "City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage"

4.1	Sustainable city planning and rational resource management

4.1.2	Improving the quality of urban life

4.1.3	Waste reduction and its life cycle management

4.1.4	Economic development, competitiveness and employment

4.2	    Protection, conservation and enhancement of European cultural


4.2.1	Improved damage assessment on cultural heritage

4.2.2	Development of innovative conservation strategies 

4.2.3	Foster integration  of cultural heritage in the urban setting

4.3	    Development and demonstration of technologies for safe,

        economic, clean, effective and sustainable preservation, recovery,

        renovation, construction, dismantling and demolition of the built

        environment, in particular for large groups of buildings

4.3.1	Revitalization of city centres and neighborhoods

4.4	    Comparative assessment and cost effective implementation of

        strategies for sustainable transport systems in an urban


4.4.2	Comparative assessment and demonstration of new transport

        technologies and related infrastructure

The deadline for submission of proposals is 15 February 2000.

Additional supporting documents for each of the topics covered by the

call are available on the internet at:

REFERENCE: European Commission

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0413013 Ecology & Population

1002016 Ecology

041300A All Population Studies

0400000 Behavioral & Social Sciences

0901015 Economic Development

1007020 Ecosystem Stress Indicators

1400021 Ecosystem, Management

1400020 Ecosystem

100700A All Environmental Studies

1000000 Science & Technology & Mathematics & Computer Science

1400102 Environmental Impact, Integrated Technologies

1400040 Environmental Monitoring

0408022 European Economic Integration

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0901098 Management of Technological Innovation

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0411004 Regional Planning & Policy

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0411007 Urban Planning & Policy

030600A All Cultural Activities

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0409013 Cultural Geography

0402005 Cultural Property Protection

040200A All Archaeology

1300040 Transport, Urban

031900A All Restoration & Preservation

0319000 Restoration & Preservation

0417023 Urban Sociology

041700A All Sociology

0606040 Transportation Engineering (Environmental Impacts)

0606039 Transportation Engineering Economics

0606042 Transportation Engineering Planning & Policy

060600A All Civil Engineering

1108050 Social Sciences, Economic Aspects

1300011 Transport Systems, Mobility

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