MANDELA IN THE DOCK - take action now

MANDELA IN THE DOCK - take action now!


Nelson Mandela is back in court on Monday 5th March, fighting a new form of apartheid. At a time when South Africa faces a public health crisis which is devastating poor communities, the world's drug giants are stopping the government from securing affordable medicines.


"People with HIV/AIDS in South Africa are dying because drug prices are too high as a result of patent protection." says MSF's Dr Eric Goemaere, "I find it appalling that the pharmaceutical industry is ignoring this and instead is trying to block the government's efforts to improve access to medicine."


 If the drug companies win their case, it could set an unhealthy precedent all over the developing world. Governments could be dissuaded from producing, or importing, cheaper generic medicines and from introducing other appropriate measures to fight diseases that afflict poor people.


Please help now by sending an email to Dr Jean-Pierre Garnier, Head of GlaxoSmithKline, one of the 39 drugs companies involved in the court case, asking them to withdraw, and not to make profits at the expense of patients in developing countries.


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