Media Women to Promote Positive Image of

Media Women to Promote Positive Image of

Their Sex


ADDIS ABABA, March 23 (EH) The Ethiopian Media Women's Association (EMWA) has vowed to fight media productions with negative portrayal of women.


At EMWA's third general assembly held here Tuesday members of the association discussed the issue at length and said that the image of women is often distorted and deliberately so.


They claimed that some private papers and magazines, which in particular, are pornographic in nature, ridicule and undermine the role of women. They also criticized electronic media dramas and advertisements as weak and inferior and generally gender



Members of the association concurred that they should have promptly react to such caricatures of women and work towards

changing the image of women and bias.


In her opening address W/t Solome Tadesse, the guest of honour said that women should strive to exercise their rights as well as be able to occupy responsible positions.


W/t Solome, the General Manager of Ethiopian Television and Radio Enterprise, and who is also government spokesperson said that women need not expect others to defend their rights but rather prove themselves capable of doing so on their own. W/t Solme hence stressed the importance of gender-based civil institutions such as EMWA to this effect.


The President of EMWA, W/t Fitsum Alemayehu, said that the association could not smoothly conduct its activities because of

lack of office. While delivering the six-month report of the association, she said EMWA has already submitted a letter which is

supported by the Vice Minister of Information and Culture W/ro Bisrat Gashaw-Tena to the Agency for the Administration of Rented House in October requesting an office space. W/t Fisum said that the agency has not responded yet.


EMWA is a strictly professional association officially registered with the Ministry of Justice in May 19, 1999. The objectives of the association are, inter alia, raising the professional skills of members, advocating women's rights and improving the image of women as projected in the media.