Congressman Mike Honda addressed

Congressman Mike Honda addressed human rights issues in Ethiopia


                                           By: A. Hailu




          The main stream media may not be interested in covering the most significant event that took place

          in Washington DC yesterday as far as the Ethiopian-American in San Jose concerned.


          As most of you are aware, the Bay Area Ethiopian students and concerned Ethiopians actively

          demanding to the EPRDF authorities to release all students, Professor Mesfin, Dr. Berhanu and all

          political prisoners that have been detained by EPRDF's security forces and to respect human rights.


          The San Jose Ethiopian Americans have taken one step a head and drew the most prominent

          American politician's attention. The Honorable Congressman Mike Honda (District 15 California)

          addressed the issue of human rights violation in Ethiopia, yesterday May 17, 2001.


          He gave a speech in the U.S. House of Representatives expressing his concern about the latest act

          of brutality against AAU students, the arrests of the peaceful students, human rights activists and

          scholars. He expressed his concern about the use of force by government police force and the

          killing of many students.


          He stressed that he is following the situation in Ethiopia very closely and he will issue further actions

          to arrest the deterioration of civil liberties in Ethiopia.


          His letter to the President Bush and the concerned body will be available in the coming days.


          This is the most outstanding job, which should be mimicked by all of us.