Ethiopian Students in Diaspora Express Solidarity with AAU Students

Ethiopian Students in Diaspora Express Solidarity with AAU Students

Addis Tribune


Ethiopian Students studying at various Universities in USA expressed their indignation and concern over what they called "ruthless attacks unleashed on students of Addis Ababa University by the police force".


In an open letter to the Minister of Education, Genet Zewdie, Ethiopian Student Association International said "this is totally outrageous and we should not allow this type of inhumane acts of ruthlessness and cruelty to continue in our esteemed institutions of higher learning".


"The students should be assured that this horrendous act of aggression and brutality would never happen again", the association demanded.


"We demand the safety of all students from intimidation, harassment and physical violence by the oppressive government forces" a joint statement from student unions, associations and alumni in USA said.


"We the students believe the action taken by the oppressive government forces violated the United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which was ratified by Ethiopia", the statement said.


The Unions and associations in USA that expressed solidarity are the Stanford University Ethiopian Students Union, San Jose

State University Ethiopian Students Association, UC Berkeley Ethiopian Students Association Alumni, Delaware State

University Ethiopian Students Union and UC Davis Ethiopian Students.