Ethiopia: Police probing political parties suspected of fueling recent

Ethiopia: Police probing political parties suspected of fueling recent riots

BBC Monitoring Service - United Kingdom; Apr 23, 2001

Text of report in English by Ethiopian radio on 23 April


The crime prevention and control department of the Federal Police Commission disclosed that certain civic organizations and political parties are under investigation for their role in last Wednesday's riots in Addis Ababa. In a press statement late yesterday the department said that the Ethiopian Human Rights Council, Ehrco, the All Amhara People's Organization, AAPO, and the Ethiopian Democrats Party, EDP, had a clear role in the violence and riots that raged in the city on that day.


According to Walta Information Centre, the department said that Ehrco's leadership during its meeting on 8 April at the auditorium of the national (?lottery) administration in Addis Ababa had urged students of the Addis Ababa University to adopt confrontational positions in presenting their case to the authorities. It said during the meeting Prof Masken [phonetic] Woldemariam and Prof Anargatio Terfae [both phonetic], both in the leadership of Ehrco, as well as Dr Berhanu Nadga [phonetic] have reportedly instigated certain students who later played a pivotal role in agitating the Addis Ababa University students into the riots and violence.


The department said it also had concrete evidence that members of the AAPO and the EDP have been organizing hooligans who rampage through the city looting businesses and destroying private and government property. It said that it was investigating the role of the two political parties and warned that it would take all measures it deemed necessary to prevent any

further riots and violence by these groups.


Source: Radio Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, in English 1630 gmt 23 Apr 01

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