AAU Students to Resume Classes Tomorrow

AAU Students to Resume Classes Tomorrow


   Addis Ababa, April 29 (ENA) – The teaching-learning process would resume at the Addis Ababa University (AAU) tomorrow, the Ministry of Education said here yesterday.


   The Ministry said the government and the university administration have taken constructive measures to create a conductive measures to create a conducive atmosphere at the university campus.


   Close to 9,000 or 95 per cent of the university’s students have been registered so far to resume classes, the Ministry said.


   It said the replacement of the campus police by a civilian force, which had been agreed upon in principle earlier, would be implemented up to next August.


   Although most of the student’s demands have been successfully met, some politically motivated students have distributed leaflets in a desperate attempt to impede the resumption of classes, the Ministry said. 


   It said the intention of some campus students was aimed at imposing their hidden political motives on the majority of the students who are ready to continue classes.