Press Release

Press Release


By: The Ethiopian- Scholars Network

(Denmark-UK Section)



          We could not start the hunger strike on Wednesday because one of our members has been

          caught up with university duties and was out of e-mail access for the last three days. Today a group of

          colleagues and compatriots residing in Denmark along with the co- co-cordinator of the

          Ethiopian-Scholars Network are on a hunger strike until tomorrow to support and reinforce the Hunger

          Strike by our compatriots in London. We are very pleased the British media and the British

          Government are beginning to open up to hear our voice( see Wondimu Mekonnen's brief report

          yesterday posted in the AAU-Alumni list serve)


          We are on a Hunger Strike to draw Attention to:


             1.The growing demand for the immediate release of all students that have been arrested by

               EPDRF's security forces;


             2.The unconditional and immediate release without delay of Professor Mesfin and Dr. Berhanou,

               for we see no crime, in their speaking on human rights and academic freedom;


             3.Our demand to the authorities to refrain from taking any form of violent action against unarmed

               citizens who choose to engage in civil disobedience or no- violent form of resistances


             4.Our demand,as a matter of norm, the application of due process of law and strict application of

               fair judicial norm to all political prisoners in the country against those who murdered students to

               be brought to justice and the parents and families to be fully compensated!


          We give notice to all to continue actions of civil disobedience, employ all forms of non- violent

          resistances , teach ins and activities to influence the making of a social, political arrangement that

          enhances ethical lie both being and living- to all the people of the country. We shall oppose the

          invasion of the government against the citizen and will work hard politically, intellectually and morally

          to create a condition in the country where human well-being, entilements to basic needs and dignity,

          capabilities for freedom will not be subtracted into ill-being by bad Governments, and the state of

          permanennt violence and poverty.


          The Ethiopian-Scholars Network will strive to create a coherent intellectual and moral purpopse to

          reverse the current direction of national disaster into national renewal and at all costs will strive to

          forestall the condition of instability and dangerous anarchy looming once again and pressing over the

          destiny of our country.


          ENS will invite all those engaged in knowledge production and teaching to join he mission of

          fostering Ethiopia's enduring renewal as a matter of top priority. The innocent blood of the students

          have ushered in the beginning of the end of the regime. It is time for all Ethiopians to manifest a civic-

          minded behaving to assist a process in the country towards a path of national renewal.


          Release Prof. Mesfin and Dr. Berhanu!

          Release all the students!

          Release all political prisoners!

          Mammo Muchie, (on behalf of the hunger strike in Denmark