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November  14,1999


Ministry Calls on society to Help Youth Not to Become Drug Addicts

Addis Ababa Nov. 14 (ENA) The Ministry of Health has called upon governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as the society at large to contribute their share in helping the youth not to become drug addicts.

Narcotics and psychotropic medicines control team senior expert with the Ministry, Abraham Gebre-Giorgis, told ENA Friday that the younger generation should be educated about the negative effects of drug addiction. Parents should also contribute their share in providing counseling services in this regard, the expert said.

The ministry on its part has established anti-drug clubs in senior secondary schools in Addis Ababa City and Nazareth Town, where the use of drug is considered to be high, Abraham said.

He said the ministry has given training aimed at raising awareness about drugs to teachers who are leading the clubs.

The Ministry is also extending financial and material support to anti-drug clubs, which are engaged in educating students about the serious health hazard, drug, Abraham said.

According to the senior experts, the ministry is giving regular orientations on drugs to the youth in 53 senior secondary schools of 12 major towns.

Orientations on the subject will be given to the youth in all senior secondary schools in the country on a regular basis by next year, he said.