380 More Patients Test HIV Positive



380 More Patients Test HIV Positive


DEBRE BERHAN, Jan. 17 (WIC) Of the 960 individuals who

came to Debre Berhan Hospital for blood tests during the

past 6 months, 380 have been discovered to be HIV



Among the HIV carriers, four-fifth are young women and civil

servants, according to the hospital's medicated director, Dr.

Ayanaw Admassu.


The medical director told WIC here yesterday that the

carriers included prostitutes, married persons, drivers and

other community sections.


Indicating that the HIV carriers has increased by 130 when

compared to those that tested HIV positive last year, Dr.

Ayanaw said that this demonstrates that the problem has

reached a critical stage.


Professionals of the hospital are sensitizing and educating

the public in order to bring about attitudinal changes in the

community, it was learnt.