Mekelle Technology Institute to Enroll First Batch of Students


     Mekelle Technology Institute to Enroll First Batch of Students



   Mekelle, August 27, 2002 (WIC)- The Mekelle Technology Institute, launched by the Tigrai

   Development Association (TDA), will enroll the first batch of 90 students for degree program

   in the next academic year, the Institutes Administration said.


   Board members of the Association in charge of the Affairs of the Institute, Araya Zerihun and

   Desta Asgidom told Walta that the institute will enroll students who left the Ethiopian School

   Leaving Examinations and have passed the Institutes entrance  exams.


   They said the Institute will train students for the Batchlor of Science degree in Civil

   Engineering, Building Technology, Electrical and Computer engineering as well as computer

   science and information communication.


   They added that the institute has been designing the curriculum, recruiting the teaching staff

   and fulfilling internal facilities over the last five years.


   The Association engaged in the construction of several primary schools in the Tigrai State

   over the last few years has also established a boarding high schools which enrolls students

   who complete the 8th grade with distinctions.