April 22,2000


National Council on HIV/AIDS to be Established

WIC (Ethiopia) April 22,2000


ADDIS ABABA, April 22 (HE) The National Council on HIV/AIDS will be established today, the chairman of the working committee, W/ro Mitike George, has announced.


In a press briefing to local journalists here yesterday, W/ro Mitike noted that HIV/AIDS has become a major social problem in the country which claims the lives of productive citizens. She stressed that since it remains incurable, the only way of facing the challenge should be raising broad awareness among the society.


She noted that though the pandemic claims the lives of the many people and turn many children into orphans, to talk about AIDS is generally considered as taboo. "It is not an individual problem. It is the problem of the entire nation. Every one should protect himself/herself from the pandemic and work jointly to challenge it," she added.


W/ro Mitike further stated that the government has given due attention to confronting the situation and finalized preparations to establish the National Council which will work hard to prevent the spread of the disease at the national level.


The council will have 85 members comprising senior state and federal government officials, religious leaders, NGOs and various sectors of the society, it was disclosed.