SPONSOR: The National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance


PURPOSE: Support for colleges and universities teaching invention,

innovation and entrepreneurship.

DEADLINE: December 15, 1999; May 15, 2000

SUMMARY: The NCIIA grant program funds curriculum development and the

work of teams of student inventors known as "E-Teams." The grants

encourage interdisciplinary groups of students to work collaboratively

to identify real-world problems, develop practical solutions, and

commercialize their innovations.

The NCIIA will award approximately 50 grants of $1 - 50,000 each to

faculty and students of member institutions. The NCIIA will provide

financial support for the creation and establishment of programs and 

courses that promote invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship and

support the work of student/faculty E-Teams. NCIIA grants fund work

from the initial concept, through exploratory E-Team course work; to

patenting, licensing, and steps leading to commercialization of new


Two types of grants are offered:

* Type I: E-team Course and Program Development Grants range from

$2,000 to $50,000 and may be used for equipment, supplies, travel, 

technical services, limited faculty stipends and expenses directly

related to creating an E-Team program. Eligible expenses include

the costs of performing patent searches, creating marketing analysis,

business plans, and prototypes.

* Type II: Advanced E-Team Grants range from $1,000 to $20,000 and may

be used for further development and plans for commercialization of

their ideas. These grants will be renewable for up to three years.

in declining amounts.

The National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance or NCIIA is a

unique interdisciplinary educational program started at Hampshire

College in November 1995 with the generous support of the Jerome and

Dorothy Lemelson Foundation. The mission of the Alliance is to foster

and promote the teaching of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship

at colleges and universities around the country. The NCIIA aspires to

nurture a new generation of innovators by helping colleges and

universities to prepare students to be inventors and entrepreneurs.

This is done by facilitating and supporting collaborative learning

structures at higher ed institutions of all types nationwide.

The Alliance provides support in the form of grants to faculty and

students, services and information for members, and meetings,

workshops and other resources designed to assist in the development

of new programs focusing on commercially directed innovation.  A young

and growing program, the NCIIA has 55 member institutions and supports

a broad variety of educational programs and student projects throughout

the country.

The program had its origins in the passionate belief of its benefactors

that the health and prosperity of the American economy results in large

part from the creativity and ingenuity of American inventors and the

unique legal and economic structures that  protect and encourage the

development and commercial exploitation of their ideas. They created

the Lemelson National Program at Hampshire College, and subsequently,

the NCIIA, to support educational initiatives in innovation.

The primary mechanism in this effort is  the E-Team (the "E" stands for

excellence and entrepreneurship). An E-Team is a group of students,

faculty and mentoring professionals who together pursue the development

of an idea, product or invention, or solve a problem in a way  that is

likely to result in the licensing of new products or technologies or

the startup of entrepreneurial ventures. Mr. Lemelson's inspiration

for the E-Team model was the collaborative interdisciplinary

development teams used during W.W.II to rapidly develop innovative

technical solutions to urgent wartime needs. The strengths of a

collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to problem solving are

embodied in this model. The E-Team serves as a interdisciplinary

bridge crossing over barriers between traditional disciplines

(such as engineering, business and liberal arts) and between

the business and academic communities. It is intended to serve as a

flexible, open model and a source of new ideas rather than a doctrine.

The Alliance serves as a resource to faculty and students at member

schools, providing curriculum models, faculty development and

networking opportunities, technical advice, and financial support of

E-Teams in the form of grants.

The grants program will distribute $1.1 million in support of

curriculum development and E-Team projects. Grants support curriculum

development, classes and the work of independent E-Teams. Eligible

expenses include; equipment, supplies, prototyping costs, travel,

patent and legal costs, and student stipends. The next application

deadlines are December 15, 1999 and May 15, 2000.



NCIIA Grants Program

Lemelson Program

Hampshire College-LM

Amherst, MA 01002-5001

Phone: (413) 559-5318

Fax: (413) 559-5834




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