AU Says Launching Six New Departments In Postgraduate Studies, Plans

AAU Says Launching Six New Departments In Postgraduate Studies, Plans

 Two In PH.D In A/Y 2002/03

 Allocates close to 140 million birr budget this academic year



    Addis Ababa, November 14, 2002 (WIC)- The Addis Ababa University says it has launched

  six new programs in post-graduate studies and announced plans two begin two PH.D level



  In an exclusive joint interview with WIC, University President, Professor Eshetu Woncheko and

  Academic Vice President, Dr. Tetemke Mehari said the new M.A/M.SC programs are, LLM in Law,

  Archeology and Ethiopian Literature and Folklore in Social Science Faculty, M.SC in Process

  Engineering in Engineering Facility as well as Environment and Computer Engineering in Science



   They said the University has also finalized preparations to launch PH.D

   programs in Public Health and Physics and will reinstate M.SC programs in

   Physiology, Biochemistry, Antonomy, Pharmacology, and Microbiology in

   the academic year 2002/03.  


   They said the University launched the new programs in line with the

   education policy of the country that required the University to focus on

   producing trained manpower in postgraduate and PH.D levels.  



  They said 1,733 students and 24 others are currently pursuing their postgraduate research and

  PH.D level respectively this academic year, against not more than 300 students last year,

  Adding that, close to 23,000 students of which 20 percent were female students are also

  enrolled in undergraduate programs in the regular and evening programs.


  They meanwhile said close to 140 million birr has been allocated in budgets to undertake various

  programs during the stated period.