NGO Network Marks Day Of The African Child

NGO Network Marks Day Of The African Child


The Monitor (Addis Ababa), June 22, 2000

By Our Staff Writer


                              Addis Ababa - A consortium of five indigenous NGOs operating in Zone 4 and 5

                              west of Addis Ababa marked the Day of the African Child under the motto "protect

                              children from HIV/AIDS" and "support the victimized children".


                              The event held at the Medhanialem Senior Secondary School was also preceded

                              by AIDS sensitization activities targeted at the communities in that part of Addis

                              through a mobile musical band, according to an executive of the consortium called

                              NGO Network. The consortium groups Multi-purpose Community Development

                              Project (MCDP), Berhan Integrated Community Development Organization

                              (BICDO), Mary Joy Aid through Development, Children Aid Ethiopia (CHAD-ET)

                              and New Life Community (NLC).


                              Woizero Mulu Haile, chairperson of the Zone 4 & 5 NGO Network, told The Monitor

                              that the group made an awareness campaign on the relevance of the event to the

                              issue of protecting rights of children among residents of the area. She said special

                              emphasis was given to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which

                              Ethiopia adopted into its latest constitution.


                              At Medhanialem School hundreds of young people attended the programme,

                              organized in collaboration with stakeholders and international partners of the NGO

                              Network. The consortium's international partners are Save the Children Norway,

                              Pact Ethiopia and the umbrella organization CRDA.


                              Mulu says the NGO group is operating at grassroots level in a range of community

                              development areas including basic infrastructure, health and sanitation as well as

                              informal education. The consortium was key in mobilizing the communities, mainly

                              in terms of free labour, and valuable share of experience among the local NGOs,

                              the executive says.


                              Most importantly, Mulu said, the grouping earned them donor confidence through a

                              demonstrated community mobilization.