Nile Basin Consultative forum established

Nile Basin Consultative forum established


   Addis Ababa, January 06, 2002 (WIC) - A consultative forum of Ethiopian researchers on

   water was formed yesterday with the charge of consulting the government on effective

   utilization of water resources in the country.


   Briefing journalists at the conclusion of a two-day consultative meeting on Nile Basin

   initiatives and water sector development strategies, participants of the meeting said the

   forum would involve Ethiopian scholars both at home and abroad.


   They said the forum would play an important role in capacity building programs of the

   government in negotiating the equitable share of the waters of Trans-boundary rivers

   especially that of the Nile River.


   According to the agreement the forum will hold a meeting every six months.


   Senior officials from the Ministry of Water Resources, higher learning institutions and the

   private sector who attended the meeting said the recent initiatives taken to openly discuss

   the water resources development strategy and the inclusion of scholars in the sector would

   contribute to the overall development of the water resources of the country.


   Yaekob Arsano, a researcher in the water sector and a lecturer at the Addis Ababa University,

   commended the decision to establish the consultative group and called for the creation of an

   enabling environment to participate Ethiopians in the diaspora.


   Participants from the private sector stressed the need to attach due attention to low water

   consuming projects such as power stations and infrastructure development to promote

   irrigation alone the river basins.