Nile Countries to Meet In Addis Ababa Monday

Nile Countries to Meet In Addis Ababa Monday


Addis Ababa, June 24 (WIC)- Water development experts from the Nile riparian countries are to meet here Monday for the Eighth Nile 2002 conference.


The Nile 2002 conference is the first major initiative that started in 1993 to facilitate cooperation in the use and management of the Nile water.


 According to the national organizing committee more than 400 experts from the basin countries, as well as international experts and support agencies will take part in the Addis conference.


"We expect that this conference will take us a step further in fostering cooperation among the countries of the Nile", said Dr.Mohamed Ahmed Hagos, a department head at the Ethiopian ministry of Water Resources.


According to experts, discussions suggesting the equitable utilization of the Nile waters is highly contentious because of exclusive rights claimed by two of the lower basin countries.


Ethiopia, which contributes about 86 per cent of the water to the Nile, uses almost no water from either the Blue Nile or other smaller tributaries.