Students in Oromia begin classes in agricultural institution

Students in Oromia begin classes in agricultural institution



   Addis Ababa, November 29 (WIC)- The Oromia State Agriculture Bureau disclosed that 95

   per cent of the 3868 students assigned to agricultural training institutions for tenth grade

   leavers have begun classes.


   According to Befekadu Jiregna, Acting Head of the Training, Management and Public Relations

   Office with the Bureau, girls who scored 1.6 in the 10th grade national examination and boys

   with above 1.8 have started classes in agricultural training institutions in Holeta, Bako, Nedjo,

   Assela, Chiro, Kombolcha and Becho.


   Befekadu said the students would receive diploma level training in cattle breeding, crop

   production, natural resources conservation and agricultural mechanization, among others.


   The training was prepared in such a way as to help students acquire knowledge in modern

   agricultural technologies for application by the peasant society, he said.


   He also said that the duration of the trainings in the agricultural institutions is three years.