Paying Back Our People

Paying Back Our People


By: Ben




          To: All Ethiopians in the Diaspora


          In appeal to each and every Ethiopian in the Diaspora to pay back our people for the investment

          they have made in giving us education.


          No, I am not suggesting hefty pay backs or fat cheques. Nor am I implying a debt - I am speaking of

          a moral responsibility, and the payment is more a gesture than cash.


          Some Ethiopians have started doing exactly that and they are paying back. The Ottawa-based

          association which is now gaining international recognition is one of the Diaspora initiatives that seems

          to be working.


          Let me first invite all of you to visit The Association for Higher Education and Development (AHEAD)

          at: , and see for yourselves the practical things this small group of Ethiopian

          volunteers is doing.


          Just to mention a few of them.


             1.Since its inception in 1999, Ahead has sent over 3000 books and journals to the medical

               faculty of the Addis Ababa University (AAU)


             2.A total of 36 medical students from Jimma, Gondar and Addis Ababa medical faculties receive

               bursary for three years thanks to the AHEAD Bursary Program.


             3.AHEAD and Getachew Bolodia Foundation (GBF) have established a Resource Center in

               Jimma, due to open shortly.


             4.AHEAD is currently exploring means to open a medical Resource Centre in Addis Ababa,



             5.AHEAD has plans to collect and send medical equipment for use by students during their

               training. (e.g. Stethoscope)


             6.AHEAD has just been approached to assist in recruiting voluntary professors to teach in



          Let me now go back where I started.


          AHEAD's philosophy is that we have a moral responsibility towards our people and we should reach

          out to contribute to their development efforts.


          In response, I invite each one of you to support AHEAD by buying a ruffle for only $25.00 (Canadian



          Prizes include:


               First Prizes - Two return tickets (Newark -Addis - Newark) donated by Ethiopian Airlines.


               Second Prizes - Two Ethiopian Crosses (18kt - Gold)


               Third Prizes - Two Ethiopian Crosses (Silver