UN University for Peace to Support Ethiopia with Conflict Resolution Methods

UN University for Peace to Support Ethiopia with Conflict Resolution Methods


A delegation from the UN University for Peace announced that it is preparing to work with the Ethiopian government by strengthening the capacity for education, training and research on issues of peace and security including the prevention, management and resolution of conflict.


Briefing journalists about the program, Ambassador Mohamed Sahnoun, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General, said the delegation would discuss with the Ethiopian government and regional officials and the Addis Ababa University about the way ahead to support universities in Ethiopia in providing them with books, materials and multi-media teaching aids especially in the field of conflicts studies.


According to the statement from the UN University for Peace (UPEACE), the mission would also support collaborative research and sound scholarship on issues of peace and security in Africa so as to improve its understanding of the causes and dynamics of conflict in order to improve the prospect for successful prevention.


The research and scholarship program will strengthen research capabilities in Africa and promote the dissemination of studies into the international community with more systematic access to Africa experience, the statement added.


Mr. R. Martin Lees, Rector, UPEACE, on his part said that unless supported with such programs, it would be difficult for African universities to fulfil the demand of improved conflict prevention and solving methods. In this regard, the UPEACE will make available the necessary materials at hand for African universities to deal with conflict management methods at home.


The program would also include empowering elders to participate in traditional mechanism of conflict prevention and solving strategies, "as Africans are good at it." "We are planning to hold a meeting on traditional way of conflict resolution by involving elders. Integrating element relating to conflict resolution would be of great value. We must respect and integrate all the traditional mechanisms," said Ambassador Sahnoun.


The program would also help the Conflict Management Organ of the OAU with structuring of training and other possible ways, he added.


During its one week visit to Ethiopia, the delegation will visit universities and research institutions in order to make an initial assessment of its interest in participating in the proposed cooperative program with the UPEACE and to undertake preliminary examination of the various aspects of establishing the program in the country, according to them.