Committee Proposes Drawing

Committee Proposes Drawing Policy for Eradication of Harmful

Cultural Practices


MAKALLE, March 29 (WIC) The Committee for the Eradication of Harmful Cultural Practices of Tigray State has proposed that a policy be drawn for eradicating harmful cultural practices in the state. Committee co-ordinator Sister Roman Yohannes told WIC that the formulation of such a policy is crucial in view of the prevalence of harmful practices like female

genital mutilation, early marriage, unspaced births etc. In a speech she made at a workshop held in Makale recently, Sister Roman said early marriage has been declining gradually of late following the issuance of the family law. She said it is also essential that a policy be drawn for eradication harmful cultural practices.


According to Sister Roman, the committee is already providing public orientation on eradication of harmful cultural practices although it is still not possible to exercise full control over offenders because of lack of official policy.


Indicating that sub-committees which involve various sections of the society at the state down to the keble levels have also been formed, Sister Roman said orientations have been given for representatives of associations and other public bodies.


Ever since its formation five years ago, the committee has been conducting training programmes and distributing leaflets and posters which encourage the society to make concerted efforts for eradicating harmful cultural practices.