Population Projected to Reach 79mln

Population Projected to Reach 79mln. in Seven Years


Addis Ababa, March 20 (ENA)- The National Office of Population announced that the population in Ethiopia will see an increase of 14 million within seven years now.


The office has projected the current 65 million population to reach 79 million within the reported period.


In a report to the 1st regular conference of the women members of parliament, last week, office representative, Genet

Mengistu said the projected rate of population growth was highest compared to most of developing countries.


She indicated the need for the active participation of women members of parliament in the efforts being made to bring about balanced economic and population growth.


The population in Ethiopia is growing by 2.7 per cent annually she said, adding 15 million people have been added in the past ten years alone.


She said the population is projected to double in 25 years, provided the current negative trend goes uncontrolled.


Ethiopia is third populous country in Africa following Nigeria and Egypt.