HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Council to

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Council to

Be Formed


ADDIS ABABA, Feb. 10 (ENA) Preparation have been finalized to establish a national HIV/AIDS prevention

and control council.


In a briefing to local journalists at the President's Office here yesterday W/ro Mitekie George, chairperson

of the provisional committee, noted that the disease is the most rampant in Ethiopia at present and claims the

lives of unknown thousands of people, specially of the young and most productive sector.


She said that despite the AIDS control programme of the Ministry of Health it had become difficult to contain

the spread "since the disease affects all sectors of the population, it requires multifaceted campaign and had

become necessary to establish a national council in order to mobilize and strengthen community

participation," he said.


W/ro Mitekie disclosed that the government has arranged a consensus building workshop between

February 10 and 11 at Africa hall in which government officials, NGOs, religious leaders and people drawn

from various sectors of the nation will discuss on the document. Federal government offices, professionals

and civil associations, religious institutions, the media, AIDS-related organizations and heads of the states will

be members of the council, to be formed on 24th February 2000.