Parents Express Dissatisfaction at Court's ruling in Rape case

 Parents Express Dissatisfaction at Court's ruling in Rape case



   Aysaita, September 2,2001  (WIC) - Parents have expressed anger at a ruling by the

   Aysaita district court in the lawsuit against five convicts, who have gang-raped a 13 year old



   Weizero Zeineba Hussein, the mother of the rape victim, said she has been "saddened" at the

   fact that the leader of the rapists has only been sentenced to a two-years prison term.


   Four other defendants, who were also convicted in the same rape case, have escaped with a

   1000 birr fine each.


   According to the Ethiopian penal code, rapists face prison terms ranging from 3 to 15 years.


   The district court has heard that the rape has been dully confirmed by medical reports and by



   The prosecutor described the gang rape as "a cruel act" and said that the ruling was far too

   lenient for the crime, committed against the girl.


   The mother says she would appeal to the zonal high court.


   Ato Edris Mohamed, the district judge who handled the case, said any party dissatisfied with

   the ruling can appeal to a higher court.