Sandford Community School Seeks Private Status

Sandford Community School Seeks Private Status


Addis Tribune, August 18, 2000

By Our Staff Reporter


The Sandford Community School Wednesday officially applied to the Ministry of Education for registering as a private school,

Mr. M. J. Thompson, its headmaster said yesterday.


That the school should comply with the laws of Ethiopia was the "firmest intention" of everyone involved with it, the headmaster said.


The Ministry of Education had informed the headmaster on 14 July that no school accepted as a private school would be registered also as a non-profit-making association.


"It was stated that our attempts to register the association were incompatible with the status of a private international school,"

Mr. M. J. Thompson said.


He added, "In this regard we would like to seize this opportunity to inform all parents who send their children to the Sanford

English Community School that we are fully aware of the fact that an issue of such magnitude, i.e. a fundamental change in the legal and organizational structure of the school, should be discussed thoroughly and should indeed seek the advise and consent of all members of the Sandford English Community School Association.


The school had thus convened a board meeting on August 16 and officially applied for registering as a private school, the headmaster said.


Earlier, the Ministry of Education had barred Sandford English Community School from next academic year's Ethiopian School

Leaving Certificate (ESLCE) because it had not been registered in accordance with the regulations of the ministry, it was learnt.


According to Shimelis Letike of the Ministry, the Sandford School had been registered as a community school prior to the regulation issued in August 1997.