Sandford School's Application Rejected, School Shutdown

Sandford School's Application Rejected, School Shutdown


Addis Tribune- August 25, 2000

By Our Staff Reporter


Sandford school's application for registration was rejected last week by the Trade, Tourism and Industry Bureau of the Addis Ababa City Administration. In a letter to the school early this week, the bureau said that having considered the schools application for a trade license and registration as a share company or a private limited one, it has rejected the application in accordance with article 10(2) of the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 14197. The reasons for the rejection were the school's failure to submit the memorandum and articles of association, as it should have according to the commercial code; its improper presentation of names of some so-called owners, despite its claim that the school is the property of the parents, as well as because some of those trying to get the school registered were foreigners without a valid investment license.


The Trade, Industry and Tourism Bureau of zone 4 reportedly closed the Sandford School on Tuesday for conducting unlicensed educational activities.


It was learnt that the school board had applied for a share or a private limited company license, following an emergency meeting. It had also announced that it would comply with the licensing regulation for private educational institutions.


"We had notified them of the requirements needed to secure a license," said bureau public relations officer Yohannes Andargie.

"We gave them a 15-day warning, but they couldn't fulfil the legal conditions; so we had to reject their application," Yohannes said.


What's next? "Well, we have learnt that the school board and community would meet soon and decide on the matter," said

Yohannes; he added, "as long as they fulfil the requirements the bureau is ready to register and license the school."