Selam Nurses College Held its 2nd Graduation Ceremony

Selam Nurses College Held its 2nd Graduation Ceremony


The 2nd batch of 33 students of Selam Nurses college, all females, have graduated yesterday at a ceremony held in the premises of the college in the presence of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi, Owner and Chairman of MIDROC

Ethiopia, invited guests and parents of the graduating students.


According to a press release from the college, among MIDROC Ethiopia's wide-ranging investment programs in Ethiopia, its involvement in the health sectors with the establishment of two sister companies, Selam Nurses College and Pharmacure Pvt.

Ltd. Co. a pharmaceutical and other health care supplies production company are the major ones.


Selam Nurses College was established with the objectives of opening a modern high-tech hospital and other healthcare facilities, establishing training institution of human resources for health, conducting medical research and engaging in other health related activities, the release said.


The college was also established to meet the requirement of the large number of well-trained nurses for the high-tech Selam general Hospital to be opened soon and other health service establishments of the company. “It will also contribute to the country’s human resources for health as well as to provide training opportunity for the youth,” the release read.


The college provides free education with dormitory, books, medical care uniforms and pocket money. “As the first private nursing college in the country, the college will continue its training program with all possible improvements, including the admission of male students. It intends to continue to move ahead with innovative and flexible approaches for the training of nurses.”


At present, there are about 120 students enrolled at the college in three different classes. 33 students in the graduating year of 2002, 55 in the 2nd year and 32 students in the 1st year program.


Established in 1996, Selam Nurses College was established in 1996 with a total start up capital of 19, 000, 000 birr in a

compound with an area of close to 2000 square meters located in Woreda 23, Kebele 14 area otherwise known as Mekanisa.

The training period for each batch will last for two and half years, in which at the end students will receive a diploma in General