Training Institute readied in Somali State

Training Institute readied in Somali State



   Godie, October 25, 2001 (WIC) - The Somali State Agriculture Bureau announced that the

   Agricultural and Technical Training Institute built at a cost of 14 million birr in Godie Town of

   the State will become operational this year.


   Head of the Livestock, Natural Resources Development and Crop Protection Department with

   the Bureau, Mehadi Mussie Kedir, told WIC yesterday that the institute was ready to receive

   last year's 10th grade leavers as well as some 100 development workers.


   Three teachers were assigned to the institute by the Ministry of Agriculture, Mehadi said

   adding that curricula were also prepared for ten subjects to be offered in the institute.


   According to him, the curricula were prepared with due consideration of the relevant realities

   in the State.