Deputy House Speaker on HIV/AIDS

Deputy House Speaker Calls for Strengthening of

HIV/AIDS Prevention Effort


ADDIS ABABA, Feb. 10 (WIC) As the socio-economic impact of the deadly AIDS disease continues to become

more and more severe,, there is no alternative to pooling all resources for bringing the disease under control, the

deputy speaker of the Council of Representatives said. Speaking at the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Council

establishing workshop that opened at Africa Hall today, Dr.Petros Olango noted that the disease is spreading at an

alarming speed and destroying the country's productive forces. "It is the duty of the government and the society at

large to pool all available resources for bringing the deadly disease under control," Dr. Petros said.


According to Dr. Petros, the government, in realization of the seriousness of the problem, has already issued the

national AIDS policy and created the necessary conditions for launching a campaign against AIDS.


Speaking on the same occasion, Mr. Samuel Nyambi, UNAIDS Committee Chairman said UN agencies are

attaching special attention to the fight against AIDS in due realization of the harmful impact of the disease on the

socio-economic life of the African peoples.


Ato Zewdu Getachew, President of the Dawn of Hope Ethiopia Association said the inclusion of his association in

the Council's membership will greatly contribute to AIDS Prevention activities in a concerted manner.


A number of study papers will be submitted during the two-day workshop that opened in Addis Ababa today in

preparation for the establishment of the council.


In a related news, 9.1 per cent of those that had submitted visa applications for travelling abroad have tested HIV

positive following blood tests, according to a study paper on the spread of AIDS in Ethiopia.