Ethiopia's Four Species Of Endemic Mammals, Two Species Of Birds Said

Ethiopia's Four Species Of Endemic Mammals, Two Species Of Birds Said

 Facing Imminent Extinction


    Addis Ababa, May 23, 2002 (WIC)- Senior researcher of animal genetic resource at the

   Institute of Biodiversity Conservation and Research (ICBR) said four great mammals and two

   bird species which are endemic to Ethiopia are endangered and may soon face extinction

   unless urgent conservation action is taken.


   The researcher, Yirmedu Demeke told WIC yesterday that the endangered mammals were

   Walia Ibex, Ethiopian Wolf, Mountain Nyala and Grevy Zebras (wild donkey) as well as

   White-Winged Fluff Tail and Ankober Serin bird species.


He said there are only 514 Walia Ibex, less than 2000 Mountain Nyala, 800 Wild Donkey

population which he said are likely to disappear from the face of the earth  unless relentless

effort was exerted to increase their number by over 2500, a base to maintain

   wild life existence.


The researcher also said that nine species of big mammal species and 14 bird species were

vulnerable to extinction with 16 birds species seriously threatened.


    He said many more small mammal species might have been endangered or extinct as the

    study was focused mainly on the larger ones.


   He said deterioration of habitat quality through habitat destruction and extermination of wild

   life, improper management of land, lack of awareness on the part of the public and the

   government, political instability during change of government in1991 as well as institutional

   problems were among the major causes for the destruction of wildlife in the country.


   He said effective system of wild life management through awareness creation, developing

   policy and strategy and update the existing legistlation, as well as promoting wildlife-based

   tourism would ensure wildlife resources not only to survive but also to increase their numbers

   thereby helping the country benefit from the resource.