Violent Demonstrations in Addis Ababa

Violent Demonstrations in Addis Ababa


U.S. Department Of State


April 23, 2001

Posted to the web April 23, 2001


Washington, Dc


What information do you have on the student riots in Addis Ababa? Is the university closed?


Daily protests began peacefully on campus April 11 against certain university policies. Unfortunately, the situation changed when police stormed the campus April 17 and beat numerous students, at least 50 of whom were hospitalized.


University students took their protest to the streets April 18 and were quickly joined by high school students, street children, and others. The resulting mob became violent, breaking windows, burning cars, looting, and throwing rocks and stones at police. Police responded with a strong show of force, and we have reports of numerous deaths and injuries, none involving Americans.


The University of Addis Ababa has been closed indefinitely, and the high schools are closed for one week.


The public announcement issued on April 18 notes the possibility of further demonstrations. for all press statements



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