More Children Take-up Streatism in Gondar, Dessie

Number of Street Children is on Increase in Gondar and Dessie


DESSE, August 10 (WIC) – The number of street children has more than doubled in Gondar and Dessie towns over the last three years due to social problem caused by natural disaster and population growth.


Ato Hailu Gebetsadik of the South Wollo Labour and Social Affairs Department said both towns now shelter more than 5,000 street children, who took refugee on the streets because of drought, migration from rural communities and population growth.


He urged the public, government and non-governmental organizations to combine efforts to help the children and combat ‘streetism’.


Ato Hailu told WIC that ‘Friends of Street Children in Dessie’, an association formed to help street children, is currently carrying out awareness campaigns to draw public attention to the plight of these children.


The association is also providing informal education to about 400 street children as well as assisting women from low-income group with credit privileges.