March 17,2000

Student Population Increase in Amhara



BAHIR DAR, March 17 (WIC) The student population in elementary schools of Amhara state has increased

by one-hundred thousand in just a year, the state's educational bureau said. In a statement it issued this

week, the bureau said the student population which stood at 1.4 million last year has reached 1.5 million

at present.


The statement also said that the educational coverage in the state has increased from 43.4 per cent to 46.4

per cent while female enrollment rate also reached 45.8 per cent.


The bureau attributed the increase in the state's educational coverage and student population to the

construction of more schools and the encouragement given to parents to send their children to schools.


There are 24,496 teachers in the 2,087 elementary schools of the State, it was learnt.