Homecoming Ethiopians to enjoy Duty-free privileges

Homecoming Ethiopians to enjoy Duty-free privileges


  Addis Ababa, December 15, 2001 (WIC) - The Federal Revenue Ministry disclosed that

   Ethiopians returning home at the end of their studies or official assignments abroad and those

   coming back from life in exile, can now enjoy duty-free privileges on selected items.


   Public Relations Acting Head with the Ministry, Napoleon Kifle told WIC yesterday that the

   items listed as untaxable which will also benefit Ethiopians who may wish to bring home

   whatever property they had acquired while abroad, for investment in the country, were 73,

   including private cars, satellite dishes, and computers.


   The directive providing for those privileges, which he said also recognized inheritance rights of

   families to properties of their deceased relatives, has gone into effect beginning November

   22, 2001.