Students Demand Mobilization

Students Demand Mobilization

for Fighting Wildfire


DEBRE ZEIT, March 9 (WIC) Students of the Debre Zeit Veterinary College have offered to be mobilized

by the government to go out in a mass campaign to put out the wildfire still raging in Bale and Borena

zones of Oromia. In a four-point statement they issued following a general meeting, the students

pledged to do everything within their resources to put out the fire in collaboration with the government and

the local population. The students demanded that the government provide them with transport and logistical

services and to facilitate all other required conditions for the intended campaign.


The students also called on non-governmental organizations and the international community to

extend all necessary assistance for containing the raging wildfire before further damage in caused.


In a related news, the agricultural bureau of Amhara State has urged the society to take all necessary care

for averting the eruption of wildfire similar to that of Oromia.


Agricultural agents and development workers have been given the additional assignment of overseeing

natural resources protection and of bringing to justice all those found in engaging in setting fires to forests.