Ethiopian Students Clash with Police, 50 Injured

Ethiopian Students Clash with Police, 50 Injured


Story Filed: Wednesday, April 11, 2001 2:26 PM EST


ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Around 50 Ethiopian students were injured on Wednesday after police stormed their campus during a protest over their academic and political rights, medical officials said.


The riot police forced their way into Addis Ababa University to rescue two of their plainclothes colleagues who had been captured after trying to infiltrate the ranks of the striking students.


Witnesses and officials of the university medical clinic said many of the students had broken arms or legs or had suffered severe blows to the head.


The floors of the student dormitories were spattered with blood after the clashes, with gunshot holes in the walls, and student leaders accused the police of brutality.


``They chased us to our dorms and beat us mercilessly and indiscriminately,'' Fassil Eshetu, a member of the student council, told Reuters.


The students refused to attend classes and threatened to go on hunger strike earlier this week after the university administration effectively outlawed the student council, banning it from publishing its newspaper or holding meetings.


But the students agreed to end their protest later on Wednesday after their demands were met and the restrictions lifted.


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