Three injured in student demonstration



   Jinka, November 30, 2001 (WIC)- Three people reportedly sustained injuries when police

   clashed with over 2,000 student demonstrators yesterday in Jinka town of the South Omo

   Zone in South Ethiopia peoples State.


   Zonal police chief  Leutenant Demeke  Endale said police clashed with the students when they

   tried to disband  the demonstration because it was staged illegally as they  didn't get

   permission from the authorities  of the town.


   According to the students the demonstration was called to express their grievance against

   what they said was an unrepresentative recruitment of candidates to be enrolled in primary

   school teachers Training institute in the town which they said.


   According to Leutinent Demeke two of the injured were police and one a student.


   The students of three schools in the town took to the streets despite the fact that they were

   told that the demonstration was illegal, the zonal council said.