AAU Students Rally, Clash With Police

AAU Students Rally, Clash With Police

The Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa)

April 12, 2001


By Dawit Ketema

Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa University students in the Sidist Kilo Campus have rallied and clashed with police yesterday in a culmination of a strike that lasted for two days.


On the second day of strike and boycott of classes the students staged a rally chanting and carrying slogans inside their campus. Police, then, stormed in to quell the uprising and eyewitnesses say they saw the special police using force to disperse the students. The request of the students was the re-instatement of the Student's Council as well as the release of the students that had been arrested when an ethnic violence had broken out between the students some months back.


In the afternoon, the standoff started afresh between the students and the police, with Arat Kilo and Amist Kilo campuses joining in. Among the several requests by the students was the lifting of the ban imposed on a publication by the Student Council called "Helina". Ambulances were witnessed driving in and out of the campuses but the extent of physical damage caused to the students could not be determined by The Daily Monitor Witnesses allege, however, that the protesters were beaten up.


The area was heavily guarded the whole day yesterday with police cars and ambulances swarming the streets and alleys.


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